Additional Manifolds – Set of 2


Custom Quick-Connect Manifolds for the ExFog Antifog System.

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Introducing Additional Manifolds – Set of 2, the perfect expansion for your ExFog Antifog System. Elevate your setup with these custom quick-connect manifolds, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing ExFog system. Experience the convenience of expanding your system’s capabilities with precision-engineered manifolds that deliver optimal performance.

Key Features:

Custom Quick-Connect Design:

These Additional Manifolds are meticulously crafted for quick and seamless connection to your ExFog Antifog System. Enjoy the ease of expanding your setup without the complexities of intricate installations.

Set of 2:

The package includes two additional manifolds, allowing you to enhance the versatility of your ExFog system. Whether you’re seeking a dual-tube setup or a backup option, this set ensures you have the flexibility to tailor your system to your preferences.


Engineered to work flawlessly with the ExFog Antifog System, these additional manifolds guarantee a perfect fit and integration. Expand your system confidently, knowing that every component is designed for optimal compatibility.

Precision Engineering:

Benefit from precision-engineered manifolds that prioritize performance and reliability. These custom components uphold the quality standards of the ExFog brand, ensuring a seamless extension of your fog-fighting capabilities.

Upgrade your ExFog Antifog System with Additional Manifolds – Set of 2, where customization meets convenience. Enhance your system’s capabilities, whether you’re seeking a dual-tube setup or need backup manifolds. Elevate your fog-free experience with additional manifolds designed for precision and reliability.

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