Bluemax Battery Safety Sack


These LiPo safety sacks are made from fire resistant glass fiber material, and reduces the chances of damage occurring in the event of a Lipo airsoft battery catching fire.

These Lipo battery bags come with a secure heat resistant hook and loop closure, and ensures your battery is protected while charging, or when used for storage.

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Introducing our LiPo Safety Sacks, crafted from fire-resistant glass fibre material to minimize the risk of damage in case of a Lipo airsoft battery fire. Designed for safety during charging or storage, these LiPo battery bags feature a secure heat-resistant hook and loop closure, ensuring your battery is well-protected.

Key Features:

  • Fire-Resistant Material: Constructed from fire-resistant glass fibre material, our LiPo safety sacks offer a protective layer to reduce the potential damage in the event of a Lipo battery fire.
  • Secure Closure: Equipped with a heat-resistant hook and loop closure, these safety sacks ensure a secure enclosure for your LiPo battery, providing peace of mind during charging or storage.
  • Safety Precautions: Follow the important safety guidelines to ensure responsible usage of LiPo batteries. Never use a NiMh battery charger for LiPo batteries, and always charge them in a safe area away from flammable items.
  • Charging Awareness: Never leave batteries and chargers unattended during use. When not in use, remove the battery from the charger or airsoft gun. Charge batteries on a stable non-flammable surface to prevent accidents.
  • Avoid Modifications: It is crucial never to alter, modify, or open your battery. Follow these guidelines to enhance safety, prevent personal injury, and protect your property.

Invest in the safety of your LiPo batteries with our LiPo Safety Sacks – providing you with peace of mind and security during charging and storage.

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