C81021W Scar Assault Rifle / Block Gun


Electric Automatic Assault Rifle
Item: Scar Assault Rifle
Model: C81021W
Bricks: 1406pcs
Age: 14+
Size: 75.7*8.2*24.8cm
Material: ABS
Accessories: Bricks, 1x L motor, 1x AA
battery box (battery not included)

Lead Time: 3 Working Days To Arrive From Our Supplier.
(If ordered Today Estimated Arrival: Monday 4th of March 2024)

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 Command the Battlefield with the Electric Automatic Scar Assault Rifle!

Model: C81021W | Pieces: 1406 | Age: 14+

Prepare for an intense battle experience with our Electric Automatic Scar Assault Rifle Building Set. This exceptional kit includes 1406 high-quality ABS bricks, allowing you to construct a highly detailed and functional model of the legendary Scar Assault Rifle.

Key Features:

Realistic Precision:

Dive into the world of modern combat as you meticulously assemble this lifelike Scar Assault Rifle model. Every component, from the stock to the barrel, has been crafted with precision to capture the essence of this iconic firearm.


Designed for builders aged 14 and up, this set offers an engaging and age-appropriate challenge that promotes fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking.

Impressive Dimensions:

Once completed, your Scar Assault Rifle model stands at an impressive 75.7 x 8.2 x 24.8cm. It’s not just a model; it’s a commanding presence.

Functional Design:

This Scar Assault Rifle is not just for display! With the included L motor and AA battery box (batteries not included), you can experience the excitement of automatic firing action.

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