Cadet Rank Slide


Available in 4 styles: Plain, Lance Corporal, Corporal and Sergeant
Made from BTP Ripstop material
Cadet Embroidered in Red with Rank in Black
Perfect as replacements for fieldcraft exercises

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Elevate Your Cadet Uniform with Cadet Rank Slides!

Our Cadet Rank Slides are the perfect addition to your uniform, adding a touch of distinction and authority to your cadet attire. Made from durable BTP Ripstop material, these rank slides are designed to withstand the rigors of cadet training and fieldcraft exercises.

Key Features:

Available in 4 Styles:

Choose from Plain, Lance Corporal, Corporal, and Sergeant rank slides to match your current cadet rank.

High-Quality Embroidery:

The word “Cadet” is meticulously embroidered in red, while your rank is embroidered in black, ensuring clear visibility and a professional appearance.

Durable Ripstop Material:

Crafted from BTP Ripstop material, these rank slides are built to last, making them ideal for fieldcraft exercises and cadet activities.

Additional information

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Blank, Corporal, Lance Corporal, Sergeant


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