• Included Accessories:
  • (x1) ELAKM AEG Essential
  • (x1) Manual
  • (x1) Quality Control Certificate
  • (x1) Magazine
  • (x1) Spare Fuse
  • (x1) Gun Oil Pot (EMPTY)
  • (x1) Maintenance Kit

Purchasing A RIF

Please Note:

  • Battery and Charger Not Included
  • 11.1v or higher battery voids warranty unless recommended
  • Purchase a new quality LiPo battery and charger for optimal reliability
  • For LiPo Batteries, it is Highly Recommended to use a LiPo charging bag
  • Always follow local laws and regulations before using an airsoft gun


Safety Warning:

Airsoft rifles are not toys and can cause serious injury if used improperly. Always wear eye protection when using an airsoft rifle, and never point it at anyone not wearing it. Please follow all local laws and regulations regarding the use of airsoft rifles.


Lead Time: 3 Working Days To Arrive From Our Supplier.
(If ordered Today Estimated Arrival: Monday 26th of February 2024)

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Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of airsoft with the E&L ELAKM AEG in BLACK/WOOD, a fusion of timeless elegance and modern performance. Crafted to captivate on the airsoft battlefield, this AEG seamlessly combines classic aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality, delivering an authentic and exceptional experience for airsoft enthusiasts.

The E&L ELAKM AEG in BLACK/WOOD stands out with:

Classic Aesthetics: The marriage of black steel and authentic wood imparts a timeless and realistic appearance. On the airsoft field, the ELAKM AEG exudes elegance that captures attention and admiration.

Versatile Fire Modes: Adapt to various playstyles with Safe, Semi, and Full-Auto fire modes. Whether precision shots or rapid-fire engagements, the ELAKM AEG provides the flexibility you need for any scenario.

Durable Construction: Engineered with robust steel and genuine wood, the ELAKM AEG is crafted to endure the challenges of airsoft battles. Expect longevity and authenticity in every skirmish.

No Rails for Classic Look: Embracing the iconic AK aesthetic, this AEG maintains a clean and classic appearance by eschewing rails. Stay true to tradition while dominating the field.

Powerful FPS Performance: With an approximate FPS of 328, the ELAKM AEG delivers potent performance suitable for a variety of airsoft gameplays. Be prepared for any challenge that comes your way.

Comprehensive Package: The ELAKM AEG package includes essential accessories—Manual, Quality Control Certificate, Magazine, Spare Fuse, Gun Oil Pot (EMPTY), and Maintenance Kit—ensuring a complete and hassle-free airsoft experience.

Magazine Variety: Customize your loadout with compatibility for a range of magazines, including AK47 and AK74N Mid-Cap options. Tailor your arsenal to suit your preferences on the battlefield.

AK Style Batteries: Designed for AK-style (Slim Stick) batteries, the ELAKM AEG ensures compatibility with a common battery type, offering convenience for players.

Immerse yourself in the world of authentic airsoft with the E&L ELAKM AEG – BLACK/WOOD. Make a statement on the battlefield with a harmonious blend of classic design and modern performance, and dominate with style and precision.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg



Black, Wood

Length (mm)


Fire Modes

Safe / Semi / Full-Auto

Approx. FPS


Main Materials

Steel & Real Wood

Compatible Magazines

EL-1101-06-B – E&L AK47 Mid-Cap 120rnd Magazine – Black
EL-1102-04-B – E&L AK74N Mid-Cap 12rnd Magazine – Orange
EL-1102-08 – E&L AK74N Mid-Cap 12rnd Magazine – Brown
EL-1106-04-B – E&L AK74N Mid-Cap 12rnd Magazine – Black

Compatible Batteries / Gas

AK Style (Slim Stick)


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