Emergency Foil Blanket


Emergency Blanket

Silver Foil

210cm x 132cm

84 x 52 inches

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Optimal Insulation:

Introducing our Emergency Blanket, designed to provide optimal insulation and protection in critical situations, ensuring warmth and safety for individuals in need.

Reflective Silver Foil:

Crafted with a highly reflective silver foil material, this emergency blanket efficiently retains and reflects body heat, offering essential warmth and protection in harsh environments and low-temperature conditions.

Spacious Dimensions:

Measuring 210cm x 132cm (84 x 52 inches), our Emergency Blanket provides ample coverage and protection for individuals of various sizes, making it an essential addition to any emergency kit or outdoor adventure pack.

Lightweight and Portable:

Compact and lightweight, this emergency blanket is easily portable and can be conveniently carried for use during camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities, ensuring preparedness for unexpected situations.

Versatile Application:

Suitable for various emergency situations and outdoor adventures, our Emergency Blanket serves as a reliable and essential tool for maintaining body temperature and preventing hypothermia in challenging environments.

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