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Replacement headband T Band style

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Introducing the Replacement ExFog Mount – T Band Style, a custom-designed solution for quick and secure attachment of the ExFog Anti-fog System. Engineered with precision, this T-Band Headband is specifically crafted for goggles with larger bands, making it the ideal choice for Paintball Goggles, Skiing Goggles, and similar types. Elevate your fog-free experience with the ease and reliability of the T Band Style ExFog Mount.

Key Features:

Custom T-Band Design:

The Replacement ExFog Mount features a T-Band Style Headband, custom-designed to accommodate goggles with larger bands. This specialized design ensures a secure and optimal fit for Paintball Goggles, Skiing Goggles, and similar types.

Quick Attachment:

Experience the convenience of quick and hassle-free attachment to your goggles. The T-Band Style Mount streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on your game or activities without unnecessary delays.

Secure and Stable Connection:

Designed for a secure and stable connection, this T-Band Style Headband provides a worry-free solution. Engage in intense activities with confidence, knowing that your ExFog system is securely attached to your goggles.


The T Band Style Mount is versatile and compatible with a range of goggles featuring larger bands. Whether you’re navigating a paintball field or hitting the slopes, this mount ensures your ExFog system stays in place.

Ease of Use:

Engineered for user-friendly operation, the Replacement ExFog Mount – T Band Style is easy to attach and adjust. Enjoy a comfortable and secure fit that aligns with your preferences.

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