Ghillie Strings – 250G


Ghille Strings – 250G

Designed to be used to customise our Kombat Uk concealment vests and the concealment hats

5 mixed colours

Length : 50cm long

Lead Time: 3 Working Days To Arrive From Our Supplier.
(If ordered Today Estimated Arrival: Monday 4th of March 2024)

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Ghillie Strings – 250G: Unleash Your Camouflage Creativity

Enhance your concealment game with our Ghillie Strings – 250G, specially crafted to elevate your Kombat UK concealment vests and hats. Dive into the art of customization and achieve the perfect blend with these 50cm long strings.

Tailored for Concealment Gear:

Designed with precision, these Ghillie Strings are the ideal complement to our Kombat UK concealment vests and hats. Transform your gear into the ultimate camouflage ensemble, blending seamlessly into your environment for enhanced stealth.

Vibrant Mixed Colours:

Express your individual style and adapt to various surroundings with 5 mixed colours included in every pack. From lush greens to earthy browns, these strings provide a versatile palette for crafting the perfect concealment for any mission.

Craft Your Camouflage:

Unleash your creativity and fine-tune your concealment strategy with these Ghillie Strings. Whether you’re an avid hunter, paintball enthusiast, or involved in tactical scenarios, these strings allow you to customize your gear for optimal concealment.

Upgrade your concealment gear with the Ghillie Strings – 250G and enjoy the freedom to adapt to any environment with style and precision. Elevate your concealment game and stay one step ahead in the field.

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