Grenade Cord Stoppers


• Hand grenade shaped cord locks
• Fastens clothing and camping gear quickly
• For use with paracord to avoid the need for basic knots
• By squeezing the cord lock the tension is released and it can move freely along the cord, let go and the friction will hold it in place
• Consists of a barrel, a toggle and a spring
• Ideal as counters
• Sold in packs of 8

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Grenade Cord Stoppers: Unleash Style and Functionality

Add an explosive touch to your gear with our Grenade Cord Stoppers—functional, stylish, and perfect for both outdoor enthusiasts and creative minds.

Unique Hand Grenade Design:

Stand out from the crowd with these hand grenade-shaped cord locks that not only fasten your clothing and camping gear securely but also make a bold statement in style. Elevate your outdoor gear or DIY projects with a touch of uniqueness.

Effortless Fastening:

Say goodbye to tedious knots! Our cord stoppers are designed for quick and easy fastening. Whether it’s your clothing or camping equipment, these cord locks simplify the process, adding a touch of convenience to your adventures.

Paracord Compatibility:

Tailored for use with paracord, these cord stoppers eliminate the need for basic knots. Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting tension effortlessly by squeezing the cord lock. Release the tension, and it glides freely along the cord; let go, and the friction locks it securely in place.

Comprehensive Design:

Each cord stopper consists of a barrel, a toggle, and a spring—components meticulously crafted to ensure reliable functionality. The innovative design allows for smooth movement and secure locking, enhancing your overall outdoor experience.

Versatile Use:

Beyond their functional utility, these Grenade Cord Stoppers are ideal as counters, offering an entertaining twist to your DIY projects or outdoor activities. Let your creativity explode with possibilities!

Pack of 8 for Endless Possibilities:

Sold in packs of 8, these Grenade Cord Stoppers provide you with an ample supply for various projects. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or a crafting enthusiast, these cord stoppers are a must-have addition to your toolkit.

Unleash the explosive potential of your gear with Grenade Cord Stoppers. Elevate your outdoor experience and creative projects with these unique and functional cord locks. Get ready to make a statement, one grenade at a time

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