Kids Adventure Vest Set


The set includes one of each of the following items:

• Kids Assault Vest

The kids assault vest features lightweight breathable mesh construction with adjustable straps on the shoulders, front and sides. It has a zip front with quick-release buckle and 9 pockets on the front. The vest is made from 600D Tac-Poly making it tough and durable and one size fits all.

• Kids Baseball Cap

The kids baseball cap features a Velcro adjuster making it fully adjustable and duckbill peak. The cap is made from polycotton ripstop and one size fits all (approximately 2 • 13 years).

• Small Angle Torch

The small angle torch is in the camouflage pattern and includes filters and 2 x AA batteries • meaning it is ready for a small soldier to begin exploring!

• Mini Waterproof Notebook

The mini waterproof notebook is a 50 page waterproof spiral bound notepad. The dimensions of the notepad are: 12.8cm x 7.6cm making this an ideal pocket sized notepad for the young explorer to record their findings on.

• 7 in 1 Whistle

The 7 in 1 whistle incorporates a whistle, compass, waterproof storage compartment, magnifier, thermometer and LED light and mirror.

• Water Bottle •

The DPM water bottle is a water bottle in a fur lined durable 600D Tac-Poly pouch making it a tough and hard wearing pouch. The water bottle has a water purification tablet pocket and alice clip rear fastening.

• Tactical Carabiner •

The tactical carabiner is made from tough durable ABS plastic and is a must have accessory for a young soldier’s adventure.

Please note all of the above items included in the set are also available to purchase separately.

Supplied in a full colour display box.


Kids Tactical Adventure Set: Equip Young Explorers for Exciting Expeditions

Unleash the spirit of adventure with the Kids Tactical Adventure Set—an ensemble designed to ignite the imagination of young explorers. Packed with essential gear and accessories, this set ensures that every young adventurer is well-equipped for exciting expeditions.

1. Kids Assault Vest:

Gear up for action with the lightweight and breathable Kids Assault Vest. Adjustable straps on the shoulders, front, and sides provide a customized fit. With a zip front, quick-release buckle, and 9 front pockets, this vest, made from tough 600D Tac-Poly, is ready for any mission. One size fits all, ensuring young explorers can focus on the adventure ahead.

2. Kids Baseball Cap:

Shield young eyes from the sun with the Kids Baseball Cap. Featuring a Velcro adjuster for a perfect fit and a classic duckbill peak, this cap is made from durable polycotton ripstop. One size fits all (approximately 2 to 13 years), making it an ideal companion for outdoor activities.

3. Small Angle Torch:

Illuminate the path with the Small Angle Torch, adorned in a camouflage pattern. Complete with filters and 2 x AA batteries, this torch is ready for young soldiers to embark on night-time explorations.

4. Mini Waterproof Notebook:

Record discoveries on the go with the Mini Waterproof Notebook. A 50-page waterproof spiral-bound notepad with dimensions of 12.8cm x 7.6cm, perfect for pocket-sized note-taking during outdoor adventures.

5. 7 in 1 Whistle:

This multi-functional 7 in 1 Whistle is a must-have tool for young explorers. Featuring a whistle, compass, waterproof storage compartment, magnifier, thermometer, LED light, and mirror, it’s an all-in-one survival companion.

6. Water Bottle:

Stay hydrated on the journey with the DPM Water Bottle in a fur-lined durable 600D Tac-Poly pouch. Tough and hard-wearing, it includes a water purification tablet pocket and Alice clip rear fastening for convenience.

7. Tactical Carabiner:

Essential for any adventure, the Tactical Carabiner is made from tough and durable ABS plastic. A versatile accessory that young soldiers can rely on for various tasks during their expeditions.

Full-Colour Display Box:

The Kids Tactical Adventure Set is presented in a full-colour display box, making it an exciting and visually appealing gift. Whether for birthdays, special occasions, or simply to foster a love for exploration, this set promises hours of adventure-filled fun.

Equip young explorers with the Kids Tactical Adventure Set, where each item is a key to unlocking the wonders of the great outdoors. Let the spirit of adventure flourish with this comprehensive and thrilling ensemble.

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