Kids Classic Explorer Kit


The set includes one of each of the following items:

• Waist Bag with Bottle

The waist bag with bottle is a large bag mounted on quick-release waist belt. It has a large central compartment with zipped pockets and also includes a water bottle. The waist bag is made from 600D Tac-Poly making it tough and durable and is an ideal bag for playtime for a small soldier.

• Small Angle Torch • Olive Green

The small angle torch is a military olive green colour and includes filters and 2 x AA batteries • meaning it is ready for a small soldier to begin exploring!

• Lensmatic Compass

The lensmatic compass is a military style map reading compass presented in a folding metal case. The compass is an absolute necessity for a young explorer.

• 2 Colour Camo Cream

The 2 colour camo cream is a camouflage face paint which will make a small soldier ready for battle!

• Kids Baseball Cap –

The kids baseball cap features a Velcro adjuster making it fully adjustable and a duckbill peak. The cap is made from polycotton ripstop and one size fits all (approximately 2 • 13 years).

• Lightstick (single)

The 15cm glow lightstick will last approximately 12 hours • a perfect duration for an expedition!

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Young Explorer Adventure Set: Unleash the Spirit of Adventure!

Gear up your young adventurer with the Young Explorer Adventure Set—a specially curated ensemble designed for playtime, exploration, and imaginative escapades. Packed with essential accessories, this set ensures that your small soldier is equipped for exciting missions and outdoor fun.

Set Includes:

Waist Bag with Bottle:

Large bag mounted on a quick-release waist belt.

Features a central compartment with zipped pockets.

Includes a water bottle for hydration during playtime.

Made from durable 600D Tac-Poly for rugged outdoor use.

Small Angle Torch – Olive Green:

Military olive green angle torch with filters.

Comes with 2 x AA batteries, ready for exploration.

Illuminates the way for your small soldier’s adventures.

Lensmatic Compass:

Military-style map reading compass in a folding metal case.

An absolute necessity for young explorers navigating new territories.

2 Colour Camo Cream:

Camouflage face paint for that ready-for-battle look.

Adds authenticity to playtime adventures and imaginative scenarios.

Kids Baseball Cap:

Baseball cap with a Velcro adjuster for a customized fit.

Features a duckbill peak for added style.

Made from polycotton ripstop, suitable for ages 2 to 13 years.

Lightstick (Single):

15cm glow lightstick providing approximately 12 hours of illumination.

Perfect for creating a magical atmosphere during evening expeditions.

Encourage Imaginative Play:

The Young Explorer Adventure Set is designed to inspire creativity and active play. Whether it’s a backyard expedition, a themed playdate, or a family camping trip, this set prepares your small soldier for endless adventures.


  • Each item in the set is also available for individual purchase.
  • Images are for illustration purposes only, and the set may vary in appearance.

Equip your young explorer with the tools needed for exciting missions and let the adventures unfold! The Young Explorer Adventure Set is the key to a world of imaginative play and outdoor discovery.

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