Kids Ghillie Suit


• Burlap style camouflage netting suit
• 1 x long jacket/smock
• 1 x separate hood
• 1 x full length adjustable trousers
• 1 x rifle wrap
• 1 x compression/carry bag
• Size: S-M – suitable for 7-9 years
• Size: L-XL – suitable for 10-12 years

Size Guide:

Size S-M L-XL
Chest circumference (cm) 80 90
Overall length (cm) 55 65

Please Note: These are the actual measurements of the garment.

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Kids Ghillie Suit: Unleash the Stealthy Warrior in Your Child!

Prepare your young warrior for thrilling adventures with the Kids Ghillie Suit—a complete burlap-style camouflage netting ensemble that transforms playtime into a realm of stealth and excitement. Perfect for outdoor adventures, imaginative play, and creating unforgettable memories.

Key Features:

Burlap Style Camouflage Netting Suit:

Crafted in a burlap style, the camouflage netting suit provides effective concealment, allowing your child to blend seamlessly with nature.

Long Jacket/Smock:

The long jacket/smoke offers full coverage, ensuring your little one remains hidden during stealthy missions and playtime escapades.

Separate Hood:

The separate hood enhances the camouflage effect, covering the head and providing complete concealment for a truly immersive experience.

Full-Length Adjustable Trousers:

The adjustable trousers offer a comfortable and flexible fit, allowing for ease of movement while maintaining the element of surprise.

Rifle Wrap:

The rifle wrap adds authenticity to the ghillie suit, allowing your young warrior to conceal their toy rifle or prop, enhancing the overall camouflage effect.

Compression/Carry Bag:

The included compression/carry bag ensures convenient storage and easy transport, making it ideal for on-the-go adventures and playdates.

Size Options:

  • S-M: Suitable for 7-9 years
  • L-XL: Suitable for 10-12 years

Immersive Playtime Adventures: Watch as your child transforms into a stealthy warrior, navigating through imaginary landscapes, and embarking on exciting missions with the Kids Ghillie Suit. Whether it’s backyard adventures or themed playdates, this suit adds an extra layer of excitement to every playtime scenario.


  • The sizes are designed to provide a comfortable and realistic fit for different age groups, ensuring an immersive play experience for your young warrior.

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