KWA K120 Polymer M4 Mid Cap




  • Reliable and well-made mid-cap magazine
  • Made of durable nylon polymer
  • Textured grooves for easy gripping
  • Replacement parts available


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The KWA K120 mid-cap magazine is a reliable and well-made magazine that is perfect for airsoft players. It is made of durable nylon polymer and features textured grooves for easy gripping. The K120 has a capacity of 120 rounds, which is a good balance between realism and practicality. It is also compatible with a variety of airsoft rifles, making it a versatile choice for players.

The K120 is known for its reliability. It feeds rounds consistently and smoothly, even under high rates of fire. This makes it a great choice for players who need a magazine that can keep up with them on the field.

In addition to its reliability, the KWA K120 is also easy to load and unload, lightweight and compact, and affordable. It is also backed by KWA’s excellent warranty.

Overall, the KWA K120 is an excellent mid-cap magazine for airsoft players. It is reliable, durable, versatile, and affordable. If you are looking for a magazine that can keep up with you on the field and provide you with the performance you need, the KWA K120 is a great option.

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