In the Box:

  • Rifle Stock
  • Rifle Barrel
  • Magazine
  • Stackable Butt Pads
  • Speed Loader
  • Rifle Sling
  • Small Bag of BBs
  • 2 X Hex Keys
  • Cleaning, Unblocking Rod


Purchasing A RIF


Please Note:

  • Battery and Charger Not Included
  • 11.1v or higher battery voids warranty unless recommended
  • Purchase a new quality LiPo battery and charger for optimal reliability
  • For LiPo Batteries, it is Highly Recommended to use a LiPo charging bag
  • Always follow local laws and regulations before using an airsoft gun


Safety Warning:

Airsoft rifles are not toys and can cause serious injury if used improperly. Always wear eye protection when using an airsoft rifle, and never point it at anyone not wearing it. Please follow all local laws and regulations regarding the use of airsoft rifles.

Lead Time: 3 Working Days To Arrive From Our Supplier.
(If ordered Today Estimated Arrival: Monday 26th of February 2024)

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Introducing the Double Eagle M62 Airsoft Sniper Rifle – Your Gateway to Sniper Excellence

Embark on your sniping journey with the Double Eagle M62, an ideal choice for those venturing into the world of airsoft sniping. Packed with features that cater to both beginners and seasoned players, the M62 is not just a rifle; it’s your gateway to affordable sniping excellence.

Key Features:

Budget-Friendly Entry: The M62 stands out for its low cost, making it an excellent choice for those entering the realm of sniping for the first time. This affordability ensures that you can explore sniping gameplay without a significant initial investment, providing a risk-free entry point.

Upgrade-Friendly Platform: Should you decide to enhance and upgrade your sniper rifle, the M62’s low starting cost gives you ample room to do so without breaking the bank. This flexibility allows you to tailor the rifle to your preferences and performance expectations, providing a cost-effective foundation for customization.

Versatile and Lightweight: The M62’s reasonable weight makes it an ideal companion for extended airsoft sessions. Whether you’re running around the field all day or pairing it with a sidearm, the lightweight design enhances maneuverability and versatility during gameplay.

Out-of-the-Box Performance: Firing at 400FPS straight out of the box, the M62 comes complete with a magazine and speedloader, ensuring you have everything you need to start sniping immediately. While it offers an enjoyable sniping experience as is, opting for heavyweight BBs (0.3g+) is recommended for optimal performance.

Adjustable Features for Comfort: The rifle features an adjustable HOP, allowing you to fine-tune its performance based on your preferred BB weight. The stock length is also customizable with included stock spacers, ensuring a comfortable fit. The adjustable cheek rest enables quick and efficient return to your scope, enhancing overall user experience.

Accessory Compatibility: Equipped with a 20mm underside rail and a 20mm railed receiver, the M62 accommodates a range of accessories. Attach a bipod, laser, or other compatible enhancements to elevate your sniping capabilities and customize the rifle to your liking.

Whether you’re seeking your first airsoft sniper rifle or looking for a low-cost base for a project rifle, the Double Eagle M62 offers versatility and performance to suit a variety of needs. Unleash the sniper within and dominate the battlefield with the M62’s winning combination of affordability and functionality.

Additional information

Weight 2.35 kg


Fire mode

Single shot







Approx FPS



Approx. 25


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