NUPROL holster series are made of durable law enforcement grade black polymer and specifically designed for use with WE Pistols that do not fit standard holsters.

NUPROL Perfect Fit holsters are a rotating belt holster that fits WE, TM, and many others. NUPROL also offer a drop lef panel 

These are the ONLY holsters on the Market that have been specifically designed for Airsoft.

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NP MOLLE ADAPTER – Expand Your Holster Options

Enhance your holster versatility with the NP MOLLE Adapter by Nuprol. Crafted from durable law enforcement-grade black polymer, this adapter is specifically designed to complement the Nuprol holster series. It serves as an essential accessory, particularly for WE Pistols that may not fit standard holsters.

Key Features:

  • Law Enforcement-Grade Durability: Built to meet the standards of law enforcement-grade equipment, the NP MOLLE Adapter guarantees robustness and reliability in any airsoft scenario.
  • Compatibility with WE Pistols: Tailored to accommodate WE Pistols that may pose challenges with standard holsters, the adapter ensures a secure and snug fit for your sidearm.
  • Rotating Belt Holster Compatibility: The Nuprol Perfect Fit holsters, known for their rotating belt design compatible with WE, TM, and many others, seamlessly integrate with the NP MOLLE Adapter. This compatibility allows airsoft enthusiasts to enjoy a broader range of holsters tailored for their specific needs.
  • Drop Leg Panel Option: Nuprol goes the extra mile by offering a drop leg panel as an additional accessory. This panel provides an alternative carry method, adding flexibility to your loadout.
  • Exclusive Airsoft Design: Nuprol takes pride in being a pioneer in designing holsters specifically for airsoft. The NP MOLLE Adapter and Nuprol Perfect Fit holsters are engineered with the unique requirements of airsoft enthusiasts in mind, ensuring unmatched performance on the field.

Note: Nuprol Perfect Fit holsters and the NP MOLLE Adapter stand out as the ONLY holsters on the market designed explicitly for airsoft use. This exclusive focus on airsoft needs ensures that you get a product tailored to the specific demands of the sport.

Expand your holster options, enhance your carry comfort, and enjoy the exclusive benefits of the NP MOLLE Adapter by Nuprol—designed for airsoft enthusiasts who demand precision, durability, and adaptability in their gear.


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