Rebel Spring – M95


Main spring for normal AEG type rifles. Approx. 315fps.
*Actual power will vary from gun to gun and the above fps should be used as a guide.

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Rebel Spring – M95 Main Spring: Unleash Consistent Power in Your AEG Rifle

Upgrade your AEG rifle’s performance with the Rebel Spring M95—a main spring designed to deliver reliable and consistent power. Engineered for normal AEG type rifles, this spring provides an approximate velocity of 315fps, allowing you to fine-tune your airsoft gun for enhanced performance on the field.

Key Features:

M95 Power Rating:

The Rebel Spring M95 boasts a power rating calibrated for optimal performance in normal AEG type rifles. With an approximate velocity of 315fps, this spring strikes a balance between power and precision, making it suitable for a variety of airsoft scenarios.

Versatile Compatibility:

Engineered for compatibility with normal AEG type rifles, the Rebel Spring M95 is a versatile upgrade suitable for a wide range of airsoft platforms. Whether you’re customizing your loadout or seeking to achieve specific performance goals, this spring provides a reliable solution.

Consistent Power Output:

Experience consistent and reliable power output with the Rebel Spring M95. The precision engineering ensures that your AEG rifle delivers a consistent muzzle velocity shot after shot, providing you with the performance needed to dominate the airsoft battlefield.

Customizable FPS:

While the specified velocity is approximately 315fps, it’s important to note that actual power may vary from gun to gun. This variability allows you to fine-tune your AEG rifle to meet your specific preferences or field regulations. Use the specified FPS as a guide for customization.

Quality Craftsmanship:

Crafted with precision and quality, the Rebel Spring M95 is built to withstand the demands of airsoft gameplay. The durability of the spring ensures longevity, making it a reliable choice for airsoft enthusiasts seeking consistent performance.

Upgrade Your Arsenal:

Enhance the power and performance of your AEG rifle with the Rebel Spring M95. Whether you’re fine-tuning your airsoft gun for competitive play or seeking to optimize its performance, this main spring offers a versatile and reliable solution. Dominate the field with consistent and powerful shots, courtesy of the Rebel Spring M95.

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