Silent Dry PIONEER 20L Dehumidifier Stone



  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 2 cm
  • Material: Nano Porous Silicon
  • Net Weight: 110g
  • Volume of Absorption: 33g±10% (25°C, 85%RH)
  • Working Space: 20L Case
  • Casing: TPV (Tactical Performance Vulcanization)
  • Certifications: EU REACH, SGS, US Prop65, FDA
  • Patents: US Patent No. US10549258 B2, JP Patent No. 6766096, KR Patent No. 10-2040045, CN, DE, FR, TW, UK Patent Pending




Introducing the Silent Dry PIONEER 20L Dehumidifier Stone – the ultimate moisture guardian for discerning airsoft enthusiasts. Elevate your airsoft experience with this cutting-edge solution, meticulously crafted to safeguard your prized gear. Available in sleek Black, versatile Dark Earth, and tactical Olive Drab, the PIONEER combines advanced technology with a striking design tailored for airsoft aficionados.

Unrivalled Moisture Protection: Designed exclusively for airsoft gear, the PIONEER ensures comprehensive moisture protection for your rifles, backpacks, and tactical equipment. Don’t let dampness compromise the integrity of your gear – trust the PIONEER to keep it dry and mission-ready.

Patented Moisture Absorption Technology: Powered by a patented formula and natural silica sand, the Nano-porous Silicon core sets a new standard for moisture absorption and regeneration. Experience the confidence of knowing your gear is shielded by cutting-edge technology.

Renewable Performance: The PIONEER isn’t just a one-time solution – it’s a long-term investment. Easily renew the dehumidifier stone using a microwave or oven, extending its lifespan and providing a cost-effective, sustainable solution for the environmentally conscious airsoft enthusiast.

Tactical Durability: Wrapped in Tactical Performance Vulcanization (TPV), the PIONEER is built to withstand the rigours of airsoft adventures. Your gear deserves the best protection, and the TPV casing ensures the dehumidifier stone stays durable and reliable.

Visual Maintenance Alerts: Stay one step ahead with the built-in humidity indicator. Get visual cues about your gear’s internal humidity status, allowing timely maintenance to ensure peak performance during every mission.

Effective Humidity Control: Extensive testing has proven the PIONEER’s ability to maintain humidity levels below 60% RH in various spaces, ensuring optimal dehumidification for airsoft gear. Your gear deserves nothing but the best – choose the PIONEER for unparalleled protection.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly: Contribute to environmental sustainability with the PIONEER’s reusable design. Renewable in the microwave or oven, these dehumidifier stones offer a greener and economical solution, making them the responsible choice for environmentally conscious airsoft enthusiasts.

Choose the Silent Dry PIONEER 20L Dehumidifier Stone and experience unmatched moisture protection, tactical aesthetics, and environmental responsibility. Safeguard your gear against moisture issues and ensure it stays in peak condition for every mission. Elevate your airsoft game with the PIONEER – because your gear deserves nothing but the best.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Colour Swatch

Dark Earth, Olive Green, Black


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