Sluban – B0580 – WWII Mini Figures


The M38-B0580 Sluban WWII Soldiers characters from a beautiful building set from the WW2 Soldiers series. building blocks for hours of fun.

1 supplied at random.

12 to collect

AGE 6+

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Unlock History’s Stories: Sluban M38-B0580 WWII Soldiers Building Set

Immerse in Historical Narratives: The M38-B0580 from Sluban’s WW2 Soldiers series is not just a building set; it’s a doorway to the past. Each character is meticulously crafted, paying homage to the heroes of World War II. As you assemble these characters, you’re not just building; you’re recreating moments that shaped the course of history.

Randomized Excitement: Experience the thrill of anticipation with each purchase. The M38-B0580 set offers a delightful surprise as one character is supplied at random, adding an element of excitement to the collection. Every unboxing is a unique journey into the stories of WWII.

A Diverse Collection: With 12 distinct characters to collect, the M38-B0580 series provides a rich tapestry of historical figures. From soldiers to commanders, each character encapsulates a unique aspect of the era, making the collection not only entertaining but also educational.

Endless Construction Adventures: Let your imagination run wild with hours of engaging construction. The building blocks in this set offer a dynamic range of possibilities, allowing you to create scenarios and settings that transport you back to the wartime landscapes of World War II.

Suitable for All Ages 6+: Designed with safety and enjoyment in mind, the M38-B0580 series is suitable for ages 6 and above. Whether you’re a young enthusiast or a seasoned collector, everyone can participate in the joy of building and storytelling with these historically inspired characters.

The Perfect Gift for History Enthusiasts: Searching for a unique and educational gift? The M38-B0580 WWII Soldiers series is a thoughtful choice. Each character is not just a toy; it’s a piece of history waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

Collect, Build, Discover: Order your M38-B0580 Sluban WWII Soldiers Building Set now, and dive into a world where history meets creativity. With every character, you’re not just collecting; you’re building connections to the past.


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