Tactical Pistol Lanyard


• Quick release belt loop for easy removal
• Webbing belt loop that fits up to 2″ belts
• Extends from 55cm to 140cm


Tactical Airsoft Pistol Lanyard: Unleash Precision in Your Airsoft Arsenal

Gear up for the intensity of the airsoft battlefield with our Tactical Airsoft Pistol Lanyard—a reliable ally designed for quick and secure access. Crafted for airsoft enthusiasts, this lanyard combines ease of use with robust features to keep your sidearm at the ready during every skirmish.

Key Features:

  1. Quick Release Belt Loop: Experience lightning-fast removal and access with the quick-release belt loop. Whether you’re transitioning between weapons or need to switch tactics swiftly, this feature ensures you stay agile on the airsoft field.
  2. Webbing Belt Loop (Up to 2″ Belts): Versatility meets compatibility. The webbing belt loop accommodates belts up to 2 inches wide, providing a secure fit that seamlessly integrates into your airsoft gear.
  3. Adjustable Length (55cm to 140cm): Adapt to the dynamic nature of airsoft battles with the lanyard’s adjustable length. Extending from 55cm to 140cm, it offers the flexibility you need without compromising on the security of your sidearm.

Built for Airsoft Excellence:

The Tactical Airsoft Pistol Lanyard is not just a tool; it’s a symbol of precision and readiness tailored for airsoft warriors. Whether you’re engaged in milsim operations or intense CQB scenarios, this lanyard is designed to enhance your airsoft experience.

Dominate the Battlefield with Precision:

Equip yourself with the Tactical Airsoft Pistol Lanyard and bring unparalleled precision to your airsoft arsenal. Whether you’re storming enemy lines or holding strategic positions, this lanyard ensures your sidearm is always within reach, giving you the edge in every airsoft skirmish.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Colour Swatch

Coyote, Black


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