• (x1) VORSK EU8-T Replica
  • (x1) EU Series 23R STD GAS Magazine
  • (x1) 12mm (CW) to 14mm (CCW) Thread Adaptor Flash Hider (Fitted)
  • (x2) Grip Back Straps
  • (x1) Spare Gas Nozzle
  • (x1) Spare O-Ring Set
  • (x1) Manual
  • (x1) Parts Diagram
  • (x1) RAVEN PVC Patch


Purchasing A RIF


Please Note:

  • Battery and Charger Not Included
  • 11.1v or higher battery voids warranty unless recommended
  • Purchase a new quality LiPo battery and charger for optimal reliability
  • For LiPo Batteries, it is Highly Recommended to use a LiPo charging bag
  • Always follow local laws and regulations before using an airsoft gun


Safety Warning:

Airsoft rifles are not toys and can cause serious injury if used improperly. Always wear eye protection when using an airsoft rifle, and never point it at anyone not wearing it. Please follow all local laws and regulations regarding the use of airsoft rifles.

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The EU8 pistol offers a vibrant and fresh take on a popular airsoft model, boasting a striking design that is both captivating and intimidating to opponents. The black pistol features meticulously machined red/blue or purple -painted metal components, ensuring both aesthetics and durability.

Equipped with fibre optic V-notch iron sights, the pistol is adaptable to various conditions. Vorsk includes both higher and lower sights to cater to individual user preferences. The full metal black-painted slide features rear grips for easy chambering, even when wearing gloves. An attachment point on the slide allows for the addition of a BDS sight, enhancing accuracy. The standout feature is the three venting slots at the front of the slide, showcasing a custom tapered, fluted, (red, Blue or purple) barrel and ejection port cover. This colour contrast provides the pistol with a formidable and powerful appearance. The Vorsk twist and click moderator at the end of the barrel allow for quick silencer changes.

Vorsk’s reputation for high-quality and high-performance airsoft pistols, faithfully replicating iconic designs, positions them as one of the premier designers in the BB gun pistol market.

The sturdy black polymer frame enhances the pistol’s grip and reduces the risk of dropping. An integrated rail at the bottom allows for the attachment of accessories like a torch or laser. Red (blue or Purple) metal controls, consistent with other EU17 models, stand out on the pistol, contributing to its exciting appearance. The mag well extension facilitates smoother and more accurate reloads.

For safety, the pistol incorporates a trigger safety, ensuring it can only be fired when the trigger is deliberately unlocked. This feature minimizes the risk of accidental discharges in safe zones or holsters.

Recommended usage includes 0.20g BBs, with additional guidance provided in the BB buying guide. Green Gas is suggested for summer, while red gas is recommended for winter. Regular maintenance, including the use of silicone lubricant, is advised due to the gas blowback mechanism.

Additional information

Weight 0.220 kg


Length (mm)


Fire Modes

Semi / Full Auto

Colour Swatch

Black/Blue, Black/Purple, Black/Red

Barrel Length (mm


Barrel Bore (mm)



20mm Frame Rail

Approx FPS

290 – (VORSK V6, 0.20g BB at 20°c)
310 – (VORSK V8, 0.20g BB at 20°c)

Main Materials

Frame – HIPS Polymer
Slide – Aluminium Alloy
Internal Mechanisms – Steel, Brass & Aluminium Alloy
Feed Lips/ Nozzles – Polymer

Compatible Magazines

VGM-01-01 – EU Series 23R STD GAS Magazine
VGM-01-03 – EU Series 23R STD CO2 Magazine
VGM-01-02 – EU Series 48R EXT GAS Magazine

Compatible Batteries / Gas

VCP-GAS-V6 – V6 GBB Fuel
VCP-GAS-V8 – V8 GBB Fuel

Other Info/Specs

CNC Finished Slide
Hydrostatic Paint Finish
TM/WE Compatible


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