In the Box:

ZM51 Spring Sniper Rifle
Mock Scope
Plastic Bipod
Speed Loader
6MM Magazine


Purchasing A RIF


Please Note:

  • Battery and Charger Not Included
  • 11.1v or higher battery voids warranty unless recommended
  • Purchase a new quality LiPo battery and charger for optimal reliability
  • For LiPo Batteries, it is Highly Recommended to use a LiPo charging bag
  • Always follow local laws and regulations before using an airsoft gun


Safety Warning:

Airsoft rifles are not toys and can cause serious injury if used improperly. Always wear eye protection when using an airsoft rifle, and never point it at anyone not wearing it. Please follow all local laws and regulations regarding the use of airsoft rifles.


Lead Time: 3 Working Days To Arrive From Our Supplier.
(If ordered Today Estimated Arrival: Monday 26th of February 2024)

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Introducing the ZM51 Airsoft Sniper Rifle by CYMA – Unleash Precision, Power, and Affordability

The ZM51 airsoft sniper rifle from CYMA is a remarkable blend of outstanding features, impressive power, and accuracy, all packaged at an incredibly low price point. Designed to be the perfect starter weapon, this sniper rifle promises hours of excitement for airsoft enthusiasts of all ages.

Key Features:

Compact and Low Profile: The ZM51 features a low-profile barrel and bolt design, giving the sniper rifle a compact size without compromising on performance. This design allows for easy mounting of a low-profile scope, providing a sleek and effective aiming solution for precision shots.

Ideal Mid-Range Sniper: While the ZM51 may not have a high magazine count suitable for a designated marksman role, its high power, accuracy, and slim barrel make it an ideal mid-range sniper. Perfect for engaging enemies at distances beyond the reach of standard squamates, this sniper rifle ensures you have the tactical advantage on the field.

Stealthy Operation: Experience stealthy takedowns with the ZM51, as it offers a reasonably quiet shot. This feature allows you to eliminate opponents without necessarily revealing your position, a crucial advantage over long-range automatic electric guns (AEGs) that might give away your location.

Ready for Action: Out of the box, the ZM51 is set up for some casual fun. However, please note that it does not include a telescopic sight. The provided sight is a mock sight and is recommended to be replaced with a functional optic for enhanced aiming capabilities. Additionally, a plastic bipod is included in the package for added realism, although its functionality is primarily for show.

Affordable Excellence: CYMA has crafted an airsoft sniper rifle that combines excellence with affordability. The ZM51 is not only a budget-friendly option but also a reliable and powerful choice for airsoft players seeking an entry-level sniper rifle.

Unleash the power of the ZM51 Airsoft Sniper Rifle by CYMA and elevate your gameplay with precision shots and tactical advantage. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, this sniper rifle is ready to deliver exceptional performance on the airsoft battlefield.

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