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Creating your Airsoft Wishlist

A unique feature that we’ve added to this website is a wishlist tool. From our own experience as players we’ve gone through the process of starting the sport and fantasising about the perfect setup before being able to afford or commit to all of the different items. Using a wishlist tool like ours, you can add items to your wishlist and then return at a later stage to purchase things.


How to add an item to my Wishlist:

When you view any items in our online store there is a button to “Order Now” but below this is a second button to “Add to Wishlist”. Clicking this button will add the item to your list. You’ll need to be a registered customer to save your wishlist of course, but registration is quick and easy only requiring your email address and a password that you can create for yourself.

If an item in our store is already added to your wishlist, rather then the “Add to Wishlist” button you’ll see text stating “Already in your wishlist!” followed by a link to “Browse Wishlist“.


Viewing your existing Wishlist:

Once you’ve created a wishlist with us, you can access this either by following the “Browse Wishlist” link on any product that you’ve already added, or you can use our navigation and access the list directly via My Account > Wishlist

When viewing your wishlist you’ll see that we save not only the item but any particular colour or size choices that you’ve made for that item.


I’d like to add items to my Wishlist that arent available in your store:

We’re building out our website stock and appreciate that currently we are not providing a complete range of equipment, guns, accessories and more. If there is something that you are interested in purchasing and think that we should be stocking on our website then please do let us know. We have a dedicated Knowledge Base article for this here.

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