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How to leave a product review on our website

Product reviews are really important for us and we encourage all of our customers to leave reviews for the products that they purchase. We only accept reviews from customers who have purchased products from us so that our systems can verify that you have infact purchased the item and can accurately review it.

Any products that have a review associated with it from another user will display this star rating on both the main product page right up at the top next to the unit price and also on the product category page. As more reviews are added to our site these star ratings will help inform customers as to the feedback on our items.

To leave a product review, simply login to your account and then visit the product page where you’d like to leave the review. To make life easy, we’ve found that the fastest way to get to the products you’ve ordered from our site is via your “Orders” page in your dashboard. This lets you view the orders you have placed and click through to each of the products in one quick click.

Once viewing a product page, if you click on the “Reviews” tab you can see any previously added reviews from other customers, or if you are the first you’ll see an empty space. Simply select your star rating and then leave a short bit of feedback on the item and press submit. Your review will be added to our website immediately.

Please note that we do moderate our product reviews just to make sure that they remain appropriate and safe for our website viewers.


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