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What is UKARA and how do I get it?

UKARA stands for the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association. It’s an organization that has been set up to protect the interests of both airsoft retailers and players. UKARA operates a database that airsoft retailers can check to confirm that a person purchasing a realistic imitation firearm (RIF) is a regular airsoft skirmisher. The reason for this is due to the introduction of the Violent Crime Reduction Act in 2006 in the UK, which tightened the laws around the sale of imitation firearms, including airsoft guns. Under the act, it’s illegal to sell a RIF to anyone who doesn’t have a legitimate reason for owning one, such as being a regular airsoft player.

To get on the UKARA database, you need to prove that you are a regular airsoft player. This is done by:

1. Playing at a UKARA registered game site: You must play a minimum of three games in no less than two months at the same UKARA registered game site. This is to show that you are a regular and committed player of airsoft.

2. Age: You must be over 18 years of age. This is due to laws around the sale of imitation firearms.

3. Registration: After completing the above requirements, you can apply for registration on the UKARA database. This is usually done through the game site where you played your three games. They will confirm that you have met the necessary requirements and then add you to the database. There is often a small administrative fee for this.

Remember that the purpose of UKARA registration is not to license airsoft players, but to provide a method for retailers to check that they are selling RIFs to legitimate airsoft players. While it’s beneficial for airsoft players to be registered on the UKARA database, it’s not a requirement to play airsoft. It only becomes important when you want to purchase a RIF.

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