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Introducing the M401 Breacher Pump Action Tactical Shotgun by Double Eagle – a powerful and versatile addition to your airsoft collection. This precision-engineered rifle is designed for enthusiasts who demand reliability, performance, and a touch of style on the field.

Powerful Spring Action: The M401 Breacher is armed with a robust spring mechanism, delivering an estimated FPS of 330. This ensures consistent and potent performance with each pump action, making it a force to be reckoned with on the airsoft battlefield.

Durable Construction: Crafted with a combination of high-quality ABS and metal components, this tactical shotgun boasts durability and resilience. The robust build ensures longevity, allowing you to withstand the challenges of intense gameplay.

High Capacity Magazine: The M401 Breacher comes with a 17-round magazine, offering extended firepower to keep you in the action for longer durations. Ideal for those intense gaming scenarios where a sustained assault can make all the difference.

Two-Tone Aesthetics: With a striking two-tone colour scheme in black and blue, the M401 Breacher not only delivers outstanding performance but also stands out on the field with its unique and stylish appearance.

Single Shot Fire Mode: Featuring a single-shot fire mode, the rifle provides precision and control over each shot. Whether engaging targets at a distance or navigating close-quarters combat, the M401 Breacher offers the versatility needed to adapt to diverse gaming situations.

Optimized for 0.20g Ammo: For optimal performance, we recommend using 0.20g ammunition with the M401 Breacher. This ensures accuracy and consistency, allowing you to refine your skills and take down opponents with pinpoint precision.


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