specifically designed for use with WE Pistols that do not fit standard holsters.

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Introducing NUPROL Perfect Fit Holsters—Precision Craftsmanship for Airsoft Sidearms

Purpose-Built for Airsoft: Designed specifically for Airsoft sidearms, NUPROL Perfect Fit Holsters bring together exceptional functionality and law enforcement-grade quality. Crafted from PA6 (Nylon 6), a synthesized polymer renowned for its high impact resistance, mechanical strength, and fatigue properties, these holsters go beyond standard plastic, ensuring outstanding durability and comfort on the field.

Secure Retention with Comfortable Wear: Each holster includes a retention paddle, featuring a high-grip silicone treatment on the face for enhanced friction and a secure fit against the hip. The retention paddle can be effortlessly hooked under the waistline, providing a snug and reliable attachment to the body. The result is a holster that offers secure retention without sacrificing comfort during dynamic Airsoft scenarios.

Customizable Angles for Optimal Access: The 40-slot orientation fixing ensures a perfect fit by allowing users to adjust the holster to their preferred angle. This customization feature not only enhances accessibility to the sidearm but also accommodates various tactical preferences for a personalized experience.

Versatile Attachment Options: NUPROL understands the diverse needs of Airsoft enthusiasts, offering a range of adaptable options for securing the holster. MOLLE adaptors, Drop-Leg adaptors, and Shoulder Harnesses are available, providing flexibility in choosing the most comfortable and strategic placement for your sidearm on the battlefield.

Choose NUPROL Perfect Fit Holsters for a seamless blend of precision, adaptability, and reliability—elevating your Airsoft experience to new heights.

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