Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit



The NUPROL Airsoft Maintenance Kit is a must have for any airsoft enthusiast. This kit includes everything needed to keep your replicas in top working order.


Also ideal for supporting any Airsoft Upgrades or Repairs.



  • Plastic Lubricant Oil (60ml)
  • Oil Remover (60ml)
  • Pump (for the oil remover)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Stick-Easy (18g)
  • Silicone Grease (10g)
  • Gear Grease (10g)
  • Bearing Oil (10ml)
  • Cleaning Cloth

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NUPROL Airsoft Maintenance Kit: Your Comprehensive Solution for Peak Performance

Ensure your airsoft replicas are always at their best with the NUPROL Airsoft Maintenance Kit. This all-inclusive kit is a must-have for every airsoft enthusiast, providing the essential tools and products needed to maintain, upgrade, or repair your airsoft arsenal.

Kit Contents:

Plastic Lubricant Oil (60ml):

Specially formulated lubricant for plastic components, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

Oil Remover (60ml):

Effectively removes old lubricants and contaminants from your replicas.

Pump (for the oil remover):

Convenient pump for easy and precise application of the oil remover.Cleaning Brush:

Designed to reach and clean even the most intricate parts of your airsoft replicas.

Stick-Easy (18g):

Provides excellent lubrication for gears, enhancing performance and minimizing friction.

Silicone Grease (10g):

Ensures proper sealing and lubrication of O-rings and other rubber components.

Gear Grease (10g):

Specifically formulated for gears, reducing wear and optimizing gear performance.

Bearing Oil (10ml):

High-quality oil for smooth and efficient operation of bearings.

Cleaning Cloth:

Soft and non-abrasive cloth for gentle cleaning and maintenance.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Maintenance: Keep your airsoft replicas in top-notch condition with a range of products tailored for various components.

Supports Upgrades and Repairs: Ideal for both routine maintenance and supporting airsoft upgrades or repairs.

Quality Formulations: Each product is specially formulated to meet the demands of airsoft performance and durability.

Convenient Pump: The oil remover pump ensures easy and precise application, minimizing waste.

Elevate Your Airsoft Maintenance: The NUPROL Airsoft Maintenance Kit is your go-to solution for preserving the performance and longevity of your airsoft replicas. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting in the world of airsoft, this kit provides the essential tools to keep your gear operating at its best. Upgrade your maintenance routine and elevate your airsoft experience with NUPROL.

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