Rebel Battery – HPA Micro 7.4v 35c 300mAh



Designed to power HPA engines with a JST connector

Dimensions: 17mm x 11mm x 45mm

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Rebel Battery – HPA Micro 7.4V 35C 300mAh

Upgrade your HPA-powered airsoft setup with the Rebel Battery HPA Micro. Specifically designed to provide reliable power to HPA engines, this compact and high-performance battery ensures your airsoft gun delivers optimal performance on the field. Equipped with a JST connector, it’s ready to seamlessly integrate with your HPA system.

Key Features:

HPA Engine Compatibility: Tailor-made for High-Pressure Air (HPA) engines, ensuring consistent and efficient power delivery to enhance your airsoft experience.

JST Connector: Equipped with a JST connector, the Rebel Battery is ready to plug and play with your HPA system, providing a hassle-free setup.

Compact Dimensions: The Micro design of this battery, measuring 17mm x 11mm x 45mm, allows for easy installation in tight spaces, offering versatility in your airsoft gun configuration.

7.4V Voltage: Provides a balanced power output suitable for HPA engines, offering a reliable and smooth operation during gameplay.

35C Discharge Rate: With a 35C discharge rate, this battery delivers the necessary current for quick and responsive trigger response, ensuring your HPA engine performs at its best.

300mAh Capacity: The 300mAh capacity strikes a balance between size and power, providing sufficient energy for your HPA system without adding unnecessary bulk.

Upgrade your HPA airsoft setup with the Rebel Battery HPA Micro and experience the advantage of reliable and efficient power delivery. Dominate the field with quick and responsive performance, and enjoy the convenience of a compact design that fits seamlessly into your airsoft configuration. Gear up, power up, and elevate your HPA gameplay!

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