ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (XHP)


The official ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (XHP) pairs perfectly with our ExFog Antifog system, the versatile unit that keeps your full seal goggles fog-free in any environment.

This helmet pouch was specially designed by Rootiment Arms to house and protect our ExFog Antifog system on the back of your headwear

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Introducing the ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (XHP) – the official companion designed to seamlessly integrate with our ExFog Antifog system. Crafted by Rootiment Arms, this pouch serves as a dedicated housing unit, ensuring the protection and accessibility of your ExFog Antifog system at the back of your headwear. Whether you’re immersed in extreme sports, tactical operations, or any other activity, the Helmet Pouch guarantees the safety and functionality of your ExFog Antifog system in any environment and season.

Key Features:

Perfect Pairing:

Specifically crafted to complement the ExFog Antifog system, the ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (XHP) is the ideal accessory to enhance the functionality and protection of your gear.

Versatile Compatibility:

Designed to accommodate both manifold configurations, this versatile helmet pouch allows users to route and run airlines through their full-seal goggles in a way that suits their preferences. Enjoy the flexibility to customize your setup for optimal performance.

Translucent Side Access Window:

The helmet pouch features a translucent side access window, providing a tactile-driven feel. This allows operators to activate and manipulate the ExFog Antifog system without removing it from the pouch, ensuring a quick and efficient transition between activities.

All-Season Protection:

Engineered to withstand various environmental conditions, the Helmet Pouch ensures the resilience of your ExFog Antifog system in harsh surroundings such as snow or extreme heat. Enjoy fog-free vision year-round, regardless of the challenges presented by the weather.

Elevate your gear setup with the ExFog Helmet Pouch 1.0 (XHP) – where protection meets accessibility. Rootiment Arms brings you a purpose-built pouch that enhances the usability of your ExFog Antifog system, providing peace of mind in any adventure. Get up and on your way quickly and easily with this thoughtfully designed helmet pouch.

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